SEN 2129

Table of Contents – SEN 2129

  1. Honda Bike 4 sale in CA
  2. AMA and NOS gas models for sale
  3. Barron Field Update
  4. Thermiksense F1D Blog
  5. NFFS F1D Blog

Bike for Sale (California)
FOR SALE 2005 Honda CFR 100F in good condition and was expertly tuned by Tymchek. The only reason I am selling it is that I wanted a bike with electric start and automatic clutch, so I got one.

I can bring the bike to Lost Hills if someone is interested. I am asking $1100. You can contact me at my email

Bob Piserchio

AMA and NOS Gas models for sale
Roger – can you please post the following on the next send? Thank You.
I will have some of Bill Davis’s gas models for sale the next two contests below.
There are many AMA and Nostalgia models in various conditions & all good craftmanship.
April 16-17 San Valeers Annual @ Lost Hills
April 23-24 Nor-Cal Champs @ Waegell in Sacramento

Cash offers preferred
Mike Davis

Barron Field Work Day and Upcoming Meets

From: Andrew Barron

Dear Free Flight Friends,

Barron Field in Wawayanda, New York is the site of various free-flight
activity in the Northeast. It is near the intersection of Orange County
Route 12 and Gardnersville Road in the New Hampton part of the Wawayanda,
New York, entering the field at the large silo.

This Sunday (April 8) from 10am to 1pm is a work time at the field to build
and place a couple of bridges and to repair and place a couple more. Those
of you available to help would be most welcome. Bring a well-charged
electric drill (with bits for wood screws) if you have one. Before and
after the work, you are welcome to get a start on flying, as Dave Acton as
arranged it as a sanction day for flying any Free Flight models. The $5
per day field use fee is waived Sunday for those who help with the bridge
building or other field maintenance work.

As you can see from the Brooklyn Skyscraper website and from the website, a number of meets are planned here. We have the
following meets, with dates shown where available. The first five shown
are America’s Cup meets and several of these are National Cup as well.

May 21-22 Hatschek Free Flight Challenge (Skyscraper CD, to be appointed by
Dave Acton)
June 11-12 Wilbur and Orville Meet (Oliver Cai CD)
July 9-10 Skyscraper Annual

TBD Harvest Meet (John Clapp CD)
TBD Eastern U.S. Free Flight Champs (Dave Lacey CD)

Additional monthly meets: Second Sundays (April 10, May 8, August 14, Sept
11, Oct 9, Nov 13).

October 22-23 Flying Aces, Barron Field Air Races (Tom Hallman CD).

Finally, for those not too far from White Plains, NY, I remind that
tomorrow (Saturday April 9) at noon is the Annual Skyscraper Luncheon at
Sam’s of Gedney Way. Arrangements to come are made with club president Dave
Acton (914-393-7491).

Andrew Barron

Indoor W/C F1D in Slanic

From: Bernhard Schwendemann

Hello Roger,
On Monday (11. April 2016) the indoor World Championship will start in
Slanic, 100 km north of Bukarest (Romania). The flying site will be in a
salt mine 200 m below the surface in a 50 m high hall. The competions days
will be Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.
On the website of the German free flight magazin there will be a blog,
reporting with text and pictures. The blog has already started with a


The NFFS F1D blog is also reporting on the F1D Wolrd Champs an supporting events at

Roger Morrell

SEN 2128

Table of Contents – SEN 2128

  1. Big Numbers
  2. Airtek Address Change
  3. Numbers thoughts
  4. Model Identification
  5. Port or Starboard
  6. Spam on FF groups on FB

Big Numbers ?

From: Stan Buddenbohm

_AMA Rule change OFF 17-2

_I do not like this proposal. I was happy when the old AMA number requirements disappeared. Why force us to put tall numbers on our models?
Can anyone think of a time when 1/4″ tall numbers would not have worked?

Airtek Address Change

From: Ken Bauer

My old email address has been shut down. Please note my
new address: and use for all Airtek RDT orders and
personal contact.

Thanks, Ken

Numbers Thoughts

Regarding your AMA number on the right wing. It does some good things
bringing back the requirement.
* It aids in complying with the new FAA rulings, just in case.
* With the sans BOM rule, it promotes using your model, re-identified
with your number requires the flyer to take ownership of the model. Plus
it does sort of keep away the owner of the model from two contestants
flying the same model at a contest, which could be blatant.
* I’ve had lost models found by contact to the AMA from a finder
calling the AMA with the number.
* Marking your name and contact info? I use those vinyl mailing
stickers all over my models and every part… tie down bands have been know to
rot. I had my F1A stab returned and eventually found the model because of
it! This is good sense for the flyer but as an AMA requirement it
probably reinforces the “ownership of the model rule(?).”
* Scale models? It does suggest exemption, but the way FF scale
models fly anymore, it is still a good idea to put contact info on them!
Another suggestion might be to use your AMA number instead of the modeled
aircraft registration numbers and still not be degraded for fidelity. but
that’s a different proposal yet to be submitted. Any scale modelers wanting to
put it forward?

Rick Pangell – NFFS Central VP
Editor of “The Max-Out” Newsletter of
The Magnificent Mountain Men FF Club of Colorado

Model Identification Rule

From: Charles Markos

Up to now, I haven’t paid attention to the AMA FF rules change proposals.
However, one of the questions asked by Ross is if there is significant
evidence of non-compliance. The answer is emphatically yes. The rule
prior to the one currently in the AMA manual allowed “loaning” or “sale” of
models on the field among contestants. I have seen aircraft with the
original owner’s registration numbers taped over and then replaced by the
new owner’s number after the contest was well underway. That was
particularly troublesome for FAI competitions where the aircraft owned by
one person are to be declared at the start of the contest. That implies
that no exchange would be allowed. Note that the proposal allows return
to “loaning” implicitly declared aircraft. I find that the proposal
weakens the intent of the current rule. As to location on the right wing
surface, the FAI rules at the time did not have a specification. Does it

Chuck Markos

Port or Starboard?
From: John Barker

AMA Rule Change
When the AMA say they want the number on the Right wing do they mean the
Correct wing? It would be much clearer if they stated either the Port or
the Starboard wing and would make us much more confidence in their ability
to legislate on technical aeronautical matters.
John Barker – England.

FB related spam in FF groups
Recently a number of Free Flight friends on FB appeared to post on some of the FF groups some virus infected spam. They also sent FB messages with a pseudo Video HTML attachment that contained a virus.

Here are a couple of suggestions from the F1B group …

From Ismail Sarioglu For effected friends,
The obvious first move should be scanning their PC / GSM with an up to date AntiVirus program. I recommend Kaspersky, but many others are also OK. Done with this, the next step should be changing their Facebook password. If they can not login to FB anymore, they can use the FB help guide, how to recover a stolen account. A last way is to open a new Facebook account an let us know over a “clean” friend smile emoticon

From Tapio Linkosalo My local newspaper had an article on this virus, spreading fast. The instructions they gave were:
1) Remove all the spam posts from your FB wall,
2) Change your FB password,
3) if you have read FB on a computer, do a virus scan.

When infected, clicking the virus video file will take you to a page where they say that your computer is infected and you should run the scanner behind a given link to remove. DO NOT! That link will only install a trojan software onto your computer, which is the aim the spammers are working for!

Roger Morrell

SEN 2127

Table of Contents – SEN 2127

  1. AMA Rule Change
  2. Bear
  3. Moose
  4. SCAT Annual corrections
  5. Model Asset Database

AMA Rule change OFF 17-2

From: Ross Jahnke

The AMA rule proposal, OFF 17-2, requiring AMA numbers seems both obvious
but not well conceived. This was my response to my district representative
on the subject.

What is the rationale? Is there significant evidence of non-compliance?
Isn’t there already a rule about AMA number size and location? Why the
right hand wing only? What about scale models and indoor models?
Superficially, exempting rotary wing models seems logical, but who can read
an AMA number when the model is in flight anyway? Its when its at rest that
the number needs to be legible. I put my name, cell phone and e-mail on my
models. You’re much more likely to get your model back if they can call you
while you’re still at the field, the address is useless information.

This would be my recommendation for an amended proposal:

“Require AMA number on the top of the wing and and owners name and contact
information on the exterior of all outdoor FF models. Exception – scale


SEN 2126

Table of Contents – SEN 2126

  1. SCAT Annual
  2. For Sale

2016 SCAT Annual

The SCAT annual falls in the shadow of Fab Feb. This year we had a schedule overlap with Sal Talbi contest at Perris and a ominous Friday afternoon weather forecast for Lost Hills. Assistant CD , Lee Hines took ill and returned home. Result was a very poorly attended contest. Only 14 of the 43 trophies were awarded. Next year we’ll try to avoid the contest overlap. Weather Reports, damn Weather Reports. Wunderground hourly forecast have been remarkably accurate for Lost Hill through Fab Feb and the SCAT Annual. I got the GOOD Saturday weather forecast out via Facebook and SEN, evidently the Friday afternoon rain and wind scared some off. Not only did Saturday have GOOD weather, the roads dried out and so no mud on the entry road.

F1A and F1B started off with all maxes— did I say the weather was GOOD? 1-2 m/s sec, warm sun yes. GOOD but tricky. By the end of 7 rounds, only three clean in F1A and none in F1B, C and Q. Ed Carroll flew F1C and Mike Pykelny F1Q and Matt Gewain E-36. Look at the scores. My round 6 was a near 100 meter launch and on the ground in 71 seconds. I don’t feel alone, there several other flights like this.

We handed out trophies for those that were leaving. Ryan Jones received the $100 “20 Something” award for high time in F1ABC. We had an afternoon break time. Some continued testing in the GOOD weather.

A breeze picked up for the 5pm F1A FO so we moved east. Rene Limberger made a great launch into good air, Mike McKeever followed. Both made the 5 min max landing in the trees, fortunately no damage. Peter Allnutt (83rd Birthday a few days earlier) was just late on the air and did 3:30.

Sunday morning had the makings for a great LDA F1A fly off, slight breeze to make for good launches. Both Mike and Rene had their all carbon models out. Rene’s test flight was just a touch off so he made an timer adjustment. Mike had a problem, his model would not unlatch. With 5 min to the start of the fly off, Mike rushed back to get another model. At that time, Rene crashed! Turns out he went to adjust the pitch-up time, to .9 sec but entered 9 sec. Bummer. Rene was disheartened and did not fly. Mike came and put in his flight for the win. Anticlimactic but a win.

The strangeness continued with the glider flyers in F1H. Brian Van Nest had injured his heel and wisely decided not to fly. Mike had technical problems with his two gliders and so did not fly. So, it was going to me and my grasshopper, Blake Jensen. Blake has the AmCup lead so he has learned well. I needed to step up and show the teacher still had it. The grasshopper’s face had the “it’s not working” look as he walked to me. He was having timer problems. I tried my best, even took a timer from a model and installed it. The second timer did the same after he loaded his program—appartenly Blake’s palm or program is the culprit. Bottom line is I was the only one to fly F1H. Anticlimactic but a win.

F1G was better. Tiffaney O’Dell had the morning fly off high time, 2 sec more than Mike Richardson.The weather was GOOD but still tricky. Wunderground predicted another rain line at 4 or 5 pm. We saw approaching weather to the NW so we accelerated the rounds.The flights were done at noon. Tiff O’Dell and Ryan Jones maxed. Some wind came up and Ryan did not want to make the 3 minute and 4 minute fly off flights and so conceded the win to Tiff.

After a small, short award ceremony the wind laid down, the weather was GOOD again. Everyone packed up. After getting all the equipement put away in the shed at 3 pm the weather was still GOOD.

Well try again next year, hoping for a better turn out and GOOD weather again.

Jim Parker

SCAT Annual Mar. 12-13,2016 Jim Parker, CD

F1A R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 R7 F01 FO2 total
1 MikeMcKeever 240 180 180 180 180 180 180 300 470 2090
2 ReneLimberger 240 180 180 180 180 180 180 300 dnf 1620
3 PeterAllnutt 240 180 180 180 180 180 180 210 1530
4 SholomiRosenzweig 240 180 180 180 140 180 180 1280
5 Jim Parker 240 180 180 180 71 180 1211
6 Nir Shitrit 240 122 180 161 118 180 180 1181
7 Brian Van Nest 240 180 180 78 180 41 899

F1B R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 R7 total
1 Blake Jensen 240 143 180 180 180 180 180 1283
2 Ryan Jones 240 135 180 180 180 180 180 1275
3 Mike Richardson 240 180 180 180 180 129 180 1269
4 Charlie Jones 240 180 180 180 101 180 180 1241
5 Mike Davis 240 180 180 180 180 96 180 1236
6 Dick Myers 240 112 122 152 180 180 81 1067
7 Alex Andrukov 240 180 180 8 dnf dnf dnf 608

F1C R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 R7 total
Ed Carroll 115 180 0 180 180 52 180 887

F1Q R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 R7 total
MikePykelny 90 91 180 127 115 101 78 782

F1P no entries

F1G R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 F01 total
1 Tiff O'Dell 120 120 120 120 120 252 852
2 Ryan Jones 120 120 120 120 120 221 821
3 MikeRichardson 82 119 120 120 104 250 545
4 Mike Pykelny 120 120 105 120 79 189 544
5 CharlieJones 80 100 dnf dnf dnf dnf 180

F1H R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 F01 total
1Jim Parker 120120 120 120 11285 592

F1J no entries

F1S no entries

E-36 R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 Total
Matt Gewain 120 120 120 120 64 544

For sale

-Selling an electronic Vivchar model. Black magic timer, 2 WW, 3 position rudder, VP hub.

-Balsa wood in many different sizes from 1/32 to 1/2 sheets. As well as balsa spars, leading edges, etc. Basically anything you might find at a hobby shop. I have a couple boxes full and would preferably like to sell it all together.

– New Ukrainian made F1P with mechanical timer( $600)

For more info and pictures contact Sevak Malkhasyan, at


Roger Morrell

SEN 2125

Table of Contents – SEN 2125

  1. HoI
  2. Z ?
  3. Stooge thanks

Holiday on Ice

Holyday on Ice 2016
Klasse F1A
1 FINDAHL PER SWE 180 180 180 180 180 900 420 507 1827
2 KOSONOZHKIN MIKHAIL RUS 180 180 180 180 180 900 420 500 1820
3 POUZET BERTRAND FRA 180 180 180 180 180 900 420 488 1808
4 JENSEN ESBEN DEN 180 180 180 180 180 900 420 425 1745
5 PERSSON ANDERS SWE 180 180 180 180 180 900 420 423 1743
6 NIELSEN LEIF DAN 180 180 180 180 180 900 420 409 1729
7 RAGOT EMMANUEL FRA 180 180 180 180 180 900 420 391 1711
8 JENSEN STEFFEN DEN 180 180 180 180 180 900 420 383 1703
9 WEIMER THOMAS GER 180 180 180 180 180 900 420 272 1592
10 KLEMETSEN ANDERS NOR 180 180 180 180 180 900 420 157 1477
11 NYHEGN JES DEN 180 180 180 180 180 900 399 1299
12 KUIKKA PETRI FIN 180 180 180 180 180 900 339 1239
13 KLUNGREHAUG ATLE NOR 180 180 180 180 180 900 338 1238
14 HUBER KOSMA SWE 180 180 180 180 180 900 309 1209
15 PAJUNEN TIMO FIN 180 180 180 180 180 900 257 1157
16 MACKUS ROLANDAS LTU 180 180 178 180 180 898
17 CHALLINE JEAN-PIERRE FRA 167 180 180 180 180 887
18 VALKONEN KIMMO FIN 163 180 180 180 180 883
19 CAILLEU MICHEL FRA 157 180 180 180 180 877
20 RAVARD GILLES FRA 159 179 180 155 168 841
21 VALO JARI FIN 151 180 180 180 114 805
22 RASMUSSEN PETER DEN 180 180 180 71 180 791
23 MACKUS THOMAS LTU 180 180 180 180 23 743
24 GODINHO JEAN FRA 142 180 148 180 30 680
25 AUKSTAKIS HENRIKAS LTU 62 180 5 180 180 607
26 PAULSEN PAUL I. NOR 123 101 224


1 LARSEN DAG NOR 180 180 180 180 180 900 420 1320
2 EIMAR BROR SWE 180 180 180 180 180 900 402 1302
3 NERENG VEGAR NOR 180 180 180 180 180 900 389 1289
4 BORTNE TOR NOR 180 180 180 180 180 900 384 1284
5 WOOLNER MIKE GBR 180 180 180 180 180 900 381 1281
6 GHIO WALT USA 180 180 180 180 180 900 374 1274
7 DRAPEAU JEAN LUC FRA 180 180 180 180 180 900 359 1259
8 BROBERG HÅKAN SWE. 180 180 180 180 180 900 358 1258
9 LINKOSALO TAPIO FIN 180 180 180 180 180 900 287 1187
10 FEDOROV OLEG RUS 180 180 180 180 180 900 252 1152
11 MARQUOIS BERNARD FRA 178 180 180 180 180 898
12 WOODHOUSE MICHAEL GBR 154 180 180 180 155 849
13 WOLD JAN NOR 144 155 180 180 180 839
14 DAMBRAUSKAS ERNESTAS LTU 126 180 180 130 180 796


1KAYNES IAN GBR 180 180 180 180 180 900
2KILPELAINEN OSSI FIN 174 180 109 96 180 739

When we reach Z ?

From: Steve Helmick

What happens when y’all get to F1Z and somebody comes up with (yet) another new event?
Just curious. Event proliferation isn’t a good thing, in the opinions of many.
Thermally, Steve O’Bat

Thanks for stooge leads

From: John Pratt

Thanks for all the replies on my request for a stooge. Got some great leads so no more needed.

John Pratt

Roger Morrell

SEN 2124

Table of Contents – SEN 2124

  1. Looking for a used stooge
  2. AM Cup for 2016 so far
  3. USA Junior Team 2016

Looking for used stooge
From: John Pratt

Hi Roger…

Wondering if anyone out there has a John Morrill stooge they would like to part with. Contact me at

Thanks, John Pratt

1st 2016 AmCup report

Several Strong Starts, we’ll see if they hold the year.

F1A: Ken Bauer (looks like an Apple a day works), F1B: Walt Ghio and Alex Andriukov (battle of the Titans) , Super starts in F1C and F1J for Faust Parker. F1P: Sevak Malkhasyan (will be flying F1B and F1P at the Jr WC), F1G: Tiff O’Dell (not surprised), F1H: Blake Jensen (some what surprised but pleased for my student), F1Q: Jack Murphy (out to defend his first AmCup win?), F1E: Bob Sifleet (by golly a new name) and the new event- F1S: Lee “leeper” Hines.

Send corrections to: <>

Thermals, JIM

 America Cup results - with individual placings

Key to competition abbreviations and number of sportsmen:
SWR 15
Ike 17
NAC 14
MM 19

1 Bauer, Ken 70 SWR-4 NAC-2 MM-1
2 VanNest, Brian 60 SWR-3 Ike-4* NAC-4 MM-2
3 Shitrit, Nir 50 Ike-3 NAC-1
4 Danier, Jama 45 Ike-1 MM-4
5 Parker, Jim 40 SWR-5 Ike-5 NAC-3
6 Rosenzweig, Shlomi 30 SWR-1
6 Limberger, Rene 30 Ike-2 NAC-5
8 Farmer, Joey 25 SWR-2
9 Pecenkovic, Enes 20 MM-3
10 Barron, Andrew 10 MM-5

Key to competition abbreviations and number of sportsmen:
SWR 11
Ike 23
NAC 19
MM 23

1 Ghio, Walt 78 SWR-2 Ike-4* NAC-2 MM-1
2 Andriukov, Alex 55 Ike-1 MM-2
3 Schlosberg, Aram 40 NAC-3 MM-3
4 Schroedter,Martin 35 Ike-3 MM-4
5 Felix, Ron 30 NAC-1
6 Booth, Bill 28 SWR-1
7 Mathews, Tony 25 Ike-2
8 Jones, Charles 23 SWR-4 Ike-5
9 Pivonka, Jace (jr) 18 SWR-3
9 Morrell, Roger 18 SWR-5 MM-5
11 Ioerger, Tom 15 NAC-4
12 Jensen, Blake 10 NAC-5

Key to competition abbreviations and number of sportsmen:
Ike 8
MM 8

1 Parker, Faust 78 SWR-1 NAC-1 MM-1
2 Mathis, Dick 48 Ike-1 NAC-2 MM-3*
3 Roberts, Mike 38 Ike-4* NAC-3 MM-2
4 Mc Burnett, Ron 28 Ike-2 NAC-5
4 Morris, Gil 28 Ike-3 NAC-4 MM-5*
6 Chesson, Don 19 Ike-5 MM-4

Key to competition abbreviations and number of sportsmen:
SWR -x-
Ike 1
NAC -x-
MM 2

1 Malkhasyan, Sevak(jr) 45 Ike-1 MM-2
2 Schneider, Glen 25 MM-1

Key to competition abbreviations and number of sportsmen:
SWR 12
Ike 7
NAC -x-
MM 8

1 O'Dell, Tiffaney 62 SWR-1 Ike-1 MM-5
2 Brocks, Peter 52 SWR-5 Ike-2 MM-2
3 Richardson, Mike 37 SWR-3 Ike-5 MM-4
4 Jensen, Blake 33 Ike-3 MM-3
5 Allen, Carrol 27 MM-1
6 Booth, Bill 24 SWR-2
7 DeLoach, Don 14 SWR-4
8 Jones, Geralyn 11 Ike-4

Key to competition abbreviations and number of sportsmen:
Ike 7
NAC -x-
MM 5

1 Jensen, Blake 61 SWR-1 Ike-4 MM-1
2 VanNest, Brian 56 SWR-3 Ike-1 MM-3
3 McKeever, Mike 46 SWR-2 Ike-3 MM-4
4 Bauer, Ken 31 SWR-4 Ike-2
5 Parker, Jim 25 SWR-5 MM-2
6 Sifleet, Bob 11 Ike-5 MM-5

Key to competition abbreviations and number of sportsmen:
Ike 2
NAC -x-
MM 2

1 Parker, Faust 75 SWR-1 Ike-1 MM-1
2 Scheinder, Glenn 40 SWR-2 MM-2
3 Roberts, Mike 20 Ike-2
4 Bartick, Don 15 SWR-3
5 Boyd. Ray 10 SWR-4
6 Pangell, Rick 5 SWR-5

Key to competition abbreviations and number of sportsmen:
Ike 5
MM 4

1 Murphy, Jack 70 SWR-2 Ike-2* NAC-1 MM-1
2 Schlosberg, Aram 35 NAC-2 MM-3
4 Mecham, Allan 25 SWR-1
4 Ivers, Dick J 25 Ike-1
2 Parker, Julie 35 SWR-3 Ike-5 NAC-3
6 Hines, Lee 20 MM-2
7 Crowe,Bernie 15 Ike-3
8 Mecham, Allan 10 Ike-4
8 Tarcher, Ben 10 MM-4

Key to competition abbreviations and number of sportsmen:
SWR -x-
Ike 7
Cal 6
MM -x-

1 Sifleet, Bob 52 Ike-1 Cal-1
2 Brocks, Peter 42 Ike-2 Cal-2
3 Terzian, Fred 27 Ike-4 Cal-3
4 Richardson, Mike 16 Ike-3
5 Ioerger, Tom 12 Ike-5 Cal-5
6 Jones, Geralyn 11 Cal-4

Key to competition abbreviations and number of sportsmen:
Ike 9
NAC -x-
MM 5

1 Hines, Lee 63 SWR-1 Ike-3 MM-2
2 Ray, Ralph 33 SWR-2 Ike-4
3 Ivers, Dick J 27 Ike-1
4 Murphy, Jack 26 SWR-3 MM-4
5 Parker, Julie 25 MM-1
6 Brooks, Clint 22 Ike-2
7 Malkhasyan, Sevak (jr) 15 MM-3
8 Mecham, Allan 11 SWR-4
9 DeLoach, Don 7 Ike-5
10 Parker, Julie 6 SWR-5
11 Tarcher, Ben 5 MM-5

2016 USA Jr Team Announcements

The Jr Team Selection Committee, Charlie Jones and myself, made the following recommendation which has been approved for the USA Jr FF World Championship team. The selection followed the process as outlined in the 2016 Jr FF Team Selection program based on the combination of their America Cup ranking (best 3America Cup results) and the Jr Team Selection Committee ranking. Two participants have elected not to be on this team. I am the manager for this year’s team.
Congratulation to these fine young competitors!

F1A Points
Yori, Joel 295.2
Stalick, Alex 294.0
Malkhasyan, Sevak 300.0
Pivonka, Jace 300.0
Davis, Troy 300.0
Yori, Joel 296.8 (alternate)
Fedor, Cade 300.0
Malkhasyan, Sevak 163.3

There are open spots on the F1A and F1P teams. The Jr Team Selection Committee will consider filling these positions. Interested parties contact me ASAP with a short description of the applicant’s FF skill level and general over all ability to travel and compete at the Jr FF World Championships to beheld Aug 1-7, 2016 at Prilep Macedonia. The above Jr Team members may also apply to fly a second event. For additional information on the Macedonia Jr WC or contact me.

Travel and lodging plans are in the works as is fundraising.

Thanks to the LHFFA for a $3000 donation which will be matched by Boeing. This $6000 is a great start getting us about half of what is needed.

For those wishing to give a tax deductible donation, please send your donation directly to the AMA at the following address:

Attn: Colleen Pierce
5161 E. Memorial Dr.
Muncie, IN 47302.
Please make sure you mark your donations for the 2016 Junior Outdoor FAI Free Flight Team.

Those wanting to make a non-tax deductible donation but have it matched by a corporate matching program, please send checks to me, made out to SCAT.

Thermals, Jim Parker,

Roger Morrell

SEN 2123

Table of Contents – SEN 2123

  1. SCAT Annual
  2. Happy Birthday Peter
  3. EoB for Prez

SCAT Annual this weekend,March 12, 13, 2016.

AmCup and National Cup

Lost Hills

Saturday: F1ABCQP, HLG, E36, 1/2A Nos Gas, Classic Towline
Sunday: F1GHJS, Catapult Glider, P30, ABC Nos Gas
Either / Both days: Vintage FAI (may enter multiple eras on either day),Nostalgia Wake (either day)

Wunderground has been showing Saturday and Sunday to be good FF weather. It has rained this past week at LH, it is currently dry with a 60% chance of rain Friday afternoon. Green grass and no dust!

Good timing between the rain lines coming through California: Sat 1% to 5 %chance of rain, Sunday 9% to 12% chance of rain.

Sat and Sun breeze 3 mph in the morning peaking to 9 mph in the afternoon, direction is from the SE in the morning swinging to from the West in the afternoon. We should easily get the minimum 5 rounds in for the FAI events both days.

So with the wet ground and wind direction the FAI line will most likely be setup along the North boundary, ie in the “standard” location and the AMA events just west of the RV / Parking area.


Jim Parker

Peter Allnutt

From: Leslie Farkas

We would like to wish a Happy 83rd. Birthday with good health, long life and many maxes to our friend Peter Allnutt. He is the most senior F1A competitor at the World Championships level.
The Toronto Free Flight Group and Ansgar Nuttgens

EoB for Prez

From: Benjamin Coussens

Chris Edge for president!!!!

Editor’s comment
In spite of policy of no politics on SEN, we had to publish Ben’s suggestion

Haggis grazing at 1600 Penn Ave ??

Roger Morrell

SEN 2122

Table of Contents – SEN 2122

  1. 14 Round Supporters – Murphy
  2. Rounds Revisited – EoB
  3. Found Tracker @ Perris – Ray
  4. Getting Organized – Damerell

14 Round Supporters
Those flyers who prefer the 7 round format will enjoy two 7 round meets coupled with two World Cup sanctions at the Magnificent Mountain Men’s 37th annual 14 round meet in Denver this July.
Full details and entry form is available on the club’s website

Jerry Murphy CD

Jerry Murphy

Rounds and Line Revisited
From: chris.edge

Lord SCAT,

Perhaps we shouldn’t be looking to the past with respect to number of rounds and position of lines for FAI events. Accordingly I propose for all FAI Championship and World Cup events that a) we fly 8 rounds (reason: we haven’t flown that number before so about time we did) and b) we ditch the line and have to launch within 5m of a single point (reason: so we don’t have the problem to put a line out anywhere), with the 5m radius set out with a barbed-wire fence and guard-Haggis. OK, so this may result in a bit of push and shove when the thermal comes through but it would make for good spectator appeal.


found tracker
From: Ralph Ray

Please ask if anyone lost a tracker at Perris. They can e-mail me with their phone contact and a brief description. <>

Thank you Roger


Getting Organized

From: William Damerell

Hallo Roger,

as an IT Engineer- I have been keeping my model airplane records on pc (in spreadsheet form) for several years. Recently I developed a pc database system to record a comprehensive picture of all Information pertaining to my Model Collection. Including also competition results , training (Proben in German) and a list of Internet links by category describing relevant hobby information, film and material sources, etc.
I do now offer this as a Application Software solution called «a Model Airplane Hobby Asset Tracking System».
Anyone who is interested in obtaining a copy or requires more Information can kindly contact me at

Thank you for your time Roger.

Respectfully yours,
William Damerell.

Roger Morrell

SEN 2121

Table of Contents – SEN 2121

  1. 7 or 5 Rounds dept
  2. From Javier Abad
  3. Bill Booth
  4. John Carter
  5. Pierre Chaussebourg
  6. add to the Lost List
  7. Add to the thanks List
  8. Flickr Link
  9. Fat Cat Mechanoic
  10. A double flight line?

7 or 5 rounds Department
From: Javier Abad

Allard, the new format is just for WCh and Continental Ch, for other international contests a different number can be flown…… this just has to be previously anounced.
Ian confirmed to me.
Maybe going back to 14 rounders…i loved them when I was younger 😉


From: Bill Booth

Hi Allard,

Good comments and agree all around with one small exception and that is the
“open revolt” to fly 7 rounds instead of 5. I told Ian Kaynes what I wanted
to do while we were in Mongolia last summer. He advised me that as long as
I advertised in advance that I intended to deviate from the guidlines, that
would be acceptable. The REASON I wanted to deviate from 5 to 7 was
actually self-preservation. This was/is after all the “Bob White Memorial”
meet. When we have to face Bob, known to us as “The Godfather” in the
afterlife, George Batiuk is going to have to explain why he changed it from
14 to 7 rounds. I sure as hell don’t want to have to explain why it was
changed from 7 to 5 rounds under my watch!

By the way, I also considered changing the F1C motor run to 4.5 seconds.
THAT probably would be considered a “revolt”.

Bill Booth

From: John Carter

Roger the debate 5 or 7 rounds I believe that 7 rounds is a better contest at World and European Champs but agree it can put pressure on fly offs may be at this level of competition we ought to be flying 2 contests of 5 round plus a fly off and taking the total time ? Championships would take longer but you would not have the host country holding a world cup event before the champs .Now on single day world cups it now the norm that we fly 5 rounds yep that’s ok but I would say that as with Zulpich that this is ok to fly 7 as the contest is flown A one day and BC the next .

John Carter.


More on 7 is better than 5
Allard, if you look at the rules, 5 rounds is not mandatory for international events!
The rule 3.1.3 a (and same for other classes B & C) says: “Each competitor is entiteld to five official flighs in world and continental championships. For other international events the number of official flights is five unless a different number has been announced in advance and approaved by CIAM

I understand that in international events, it can be also less than five as it says “a different number”.

The only thing the organiser must do is to anounce how many rounds are going to be flown, in the information bulletin of the contest, and eventually on the score board.

I also agree with you that 7 rounds in Free flight is much more interesting than five, and that five rounds will give more people in the fly-off than seven rounds, even with extended maxes in first and last rounds.

Pierre Chaussebourg

Add to the Lost List
From: Paul Crowley

Please add to the lost list at the FAB FEB..
If you are in the area.
A F1B on Sat. at the Max Men. Red tips and black center panels on the bottom with white at the break, red top with white at the break.Most likely in the in the orchard with the larger trees directly to the west of the camp ground,west of the north/south road thru the center of the orchard and just south of the road between the large trees and the small trees.
Paul Crowley
Phone 1-586-294 -1236

Add to the Thanks List

From: Paul Crowley

One more post.

A Thank You,
This is a big thanks to the following friends for all the help they provided in the search for my lost F1B at the Max Men. It’s still out there but I still have hope.
Rich MacCleery, Mike Richardson, Jack Murphy, Charlie Jones, Tiffaney O’Dell, Blake Jensen and Bill Gannon
Model Builders are are t6he best!

Paul Crowley

Flickr Link
A user report diffculty with the Link to Tom Faith’s Ike and Kiwi Photos. I tried the link and it seemed to work for me. I always cut and paste it rather than re typing. All SEN readers will know my typing skills are limited.

But there is a shorter link that I have included below


Fat cat mechanic

From: Javier Abad

Fat cat mechanic,

I have had Mike Szura service my 1974 vintage Suzuki ( ex Roger Sympson and Henry Spence ) bike a few times in the Gypsum sheds, you can find him on Facebook and lives in Bakersfield area I believe.
Hope to see Steve back there….


A Double Flight Line?

In SEN 2119 I tried to analyze why so many B fliers (71%) reached the flyoffs at the Fab-Feb contests. It seems that the fly-one-time-one mode allows massive launches of up to half the models, once a thermal has been clearly marked.

To mitigate massive launches I suggested a slanted flight line, set at about 30 degrees to the dirft/wind at non-glider events. Instead of everyone getting an opportunity to co-piggyback in two mass launches, a slanted flight line would force more flyers upwind to find their own thermals. Consequently, contests would be more challenging and flyoffs would be smaller.

However, a drawback of a slanted flight line is that a flier might be at the upwind portion of the line three consecutive rounds. And a change in the drift/wind direction could require rotating the flight line during the round (although different color lines could be set up in advance).

Luckily, there’s a much better solution. Suppose there are (1) two flight lines perpendicular to the wind, one upwind and the other downwind set at least 50 meters apart, with fliers setup between the lines; that (2) poles, spaced at truly 10 meters apart, are even on the upwind line, odd on the downwind line; that (3) fliers would be assigned random starting positions. So those who fly upwind, beginning with an even number, would fly downwind the next round at a higher odd number. And once the last pole is reached, one moves to the lowest next odd/even pole.

Now, half the fliers are on the upwind line which means that only a quarter of the models could be launched almost simultaneously by those on the upwind line. And if poles are truly 10 meters apart, it will be riskier to piggyback models launched in parallel, further away along the upwind line. So more of upwind line fliers will be compelled to choose their own air (relative to what happens now on a single line setup). Those downwind would naturally piggyback, although only off up to a quarter the models. And because the lines are shorter, rotating the line is less onerous.

We all have been indoctrinated to fly from a flight line perpendicular to the wind. But when half the fliers are flying upwind and poles are spaced 10 meters apart, it’s more difficult for an upwind flier to co-launch in a thermal. So an upwind flier would have to choose their own air more frequently, increasing their chances to sub max. And counter intuitively, a double line setup is completely fair because the next round the upwind and downwind fliers are switched.

The minimum quorum of a double line setup are four fliers in a fly-one-time-one world. And yes, contests would be more challenging.


Roger Morrell

SEN 2120

Table of Contents – SEN 2120

  1. More on & and %
  2. Looking for fat cat Mechanic
  3. Max Men Lost and Found

More on 7 is better than 5

From: Allard van Wallene


The only argument which was presented to support the change from 7 to 5 rounds was the “too high physical effort”. And when this proposal was voted upon, the only competitions for which this would apply were continental and world champs. World Cup competitions were not yet in the equation, they followed soon after. My argument against this proposal was, that in continental and world champs most teams have a retrieval team downwind, so the physical effort is actually less. Unfortunately this argument fell on death ears and the majority voted in favour of the 5 rounds. I would like to add some more arguments to go back to 7 rounds:

-Free flight is considered to be a sport, at least so we present ourselves to the ‘outside’ world. Using physical effort as an argument to fly less rounds appears to contradict this

.-Free flight is fun. We love to see our models fly. Why cut away 2/7 of flying fun?

-Despite the increased max in first (and maybe last) rounds, I still believe a 5 round concept will increase fly-off participation.

-7 rounds were never obligatory in the past. Some competitions were flown in 5 round format (due to bad weather or daylight restrictions), contest organisers were free to do so.

-Now there appears to be an open ‘revolt’ by some contest organisers against this rule. Two competitions during the Fab Feb ignored the rule. Now apparently the organisers of the Eifelpokal will do the same as apparently the majority of participants prefers 7 rounds (see Maybe more will follow?



Looking for Fat Cat mechanic
From: Chuck Powell

Hi Roger !
If you could can you put a article on the Sen looking for someone at or close to lost hills to get Steve Spences Honda fat cat running , it is in a storage trailor there . Trying to help Steve out and have his bike running for when he comes out there later this year . Thanks much .

Chuck Powell

Question – Is a fat cat mechanic a veterinarian with a wrench

Max Men Lost and Found
Found: ALINCO VHF FM Transceiver (may have been out a while)
Leatherman Tool in leather case (appropriately)

Lost: Blazevich F1B Winder (Mike Richardson)
REI Folding Chair – Red & Gray (Marty Schroedter)
Glasses (Antony Koerbin)

If you lost or found any of these e-mail me at



Roger Morrell